Most of these projects are in active development. Also, some of these aren't "mine" but instead are projects that I've contributed to a lot.

There are many small things I work on that aren't listed here. These can be found at the several places where I keep my code:


a voting system for club elections that uses homomorphic secret sharing to ensure voter privacy while preventing double-voting with STARK zero-knowledge proofs. Traffic between voters is done over a peer-to-peer network. Golang
[site] [repo] [OreSec Presentation]


Snoop on your C functions to make sure they are allocating only what they need. Utilizes a C parser and the Rosette solver language. Racket
[repo] [class proposal] [class presentation]


a web application made to help student computing clubs better collaborate and organize their projects, presentations, and even mailing list messages. Mozzarella powers the Colorado School of Mines ACM, LUG, and OreSec club websites. Python